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Here at Save Your Scents, we work very closely with FM World, the creators of FM Perfumes within all aspects of their business to ensure that we can offer the very best prices for our customers and business distributors. With over 150+ women’s perfumes, men's aftershaves as well as ranges of unisex fragrances, we’re confident that there is something for everyone to use and enjoy on a daily basis.

We ensure that not only is our customer service carried out to the highest standards, we also strive to offer our products at the lowest prices that we can. Our prices start from just £12.99 for a 50ml bottle with a range of fragrances and scents very similar to the brands that you know and love! FM Fragrances offer a wide variety of products so in order to keep it simple and easy to understand, these have been broken down into 6 categories. We’re going to give you a brief overview of these perfumes and scented options now. PURE ROYAL is our most popular range of designer brand inspired fragrances for women and men. You’ll be sure to find the one that will impress you and make you feel like a true royal. PURE is an exceptional line of perfumes with a 20% fragrance content, stored in the most elegant 50 ml bottles with classy branding. It’s an aromatic gallery featuring as many as 85 compositions and perfume formulations. We ensure that each parfum contains a variety of fragrance notes to give it that impressive scent. FM COSMETICS MAKE UP is a high quality mineral make-up made and designed by FM Cosmetics UK. To provide an option for everyone, we’ve formulated products for both light and dark skins, boosted them to make sure they are rich in minerals, plant extracts and essential oils. When creating this range, it was our mission to provide the skin with a beautiful, natural look whilst ensuring excellent protection at all times throughout. An indulgent range of fashionable, modern colours allows you to create beautiful make-up, both daytime and evening at a fraction of the cost of designer brands. FM MAKE UP includes the following selection of high quality, low priced products such as: face make up, eye cosmetics, lip products and balm, nail care, facial cleanser and FM Cosmetics makeup accessories.

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Enter our indulgent and luxurious world of UTIQUE. Enjoy the seven masterpieces in which we have hidden our top-quality creams. This is all whilst drawing on precious natural resources and our incredible knowledge of the cosmetics industry. We have also made use of the latest discoveries of contemporary science to offer you cosmetics that will surprise you with their effectiveness and astonish you with their beauty. With those small works of art your bathroom will turn into a palace! Both your house and your skin will regain its healthy and beautiful appearance, becoming your greatest asset. Allow yourself to aim for more and introduce a touch, and an aroma, of true luxury into your everyday skincare routine. FM SMART AND CLEAN homeware items contain a selection of high-quality products from FM World UK to keep your home clean and smelling fragrant throughout. The wide assortment of household products from Save Your Scents is only improved by the addition of products on a weekly basis which helps your home stay clean at all times.

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If you’re looking to start your own business selling FM Perfumes to have a change of career or just to earn a secondary income, we are now recruiting team members to join our growing business here at Save Your Scents. When you join FM World, we’ll be here every step of the way to help establish your new scents business, offer full training, IT support and invaluable knowledge about processing orders and deliveries. FM World offers a very competitive commission structure and there are 3 different ways to earn money when working with us. All 3 ways can be combined to maximise your earnings whilst enjoying your job from the comfort of your own home. There are absolutely NO sign up fees or exit fees, NO contract, so why not send us a message and find out more about FM World today! There’s nothing to lose…but potentially a lot to gain.

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