About FM World Perfumes & Cosmetics

FM Cosmetics UK Limited began in January 2006, over 10 years with a simple yet effective idea.

FM women’s perfumes and mens aftershaves are one of the most popular sellers that FM Cosmetics stocks. They operate under a franchise agreement with FM World, based in Poland.

FM World was founded and created by young, motivated people, with a strong, passion in luxury perfumes and aftershaves. This is why we are able to respond to needs and wishes of our customers and distributors quickly. 

At Save Your Scents, we can offer you large range of fragrances of all types: fresh, flowery, oriental, woody, fruity and many more, with some offering very close notes to those more expensive brands that everyone loves.

Our primary goals, here at FM World UK are:

  • to ensure our products are always available at the best possible prices
  • we strive to provide total customer and distributor satisfaction at all times
  • our mission is to always guarantee we are always being able to satisfy our customer’s requests, whatever they may be

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We have worked hard to create an extensive range of products and we are proud to offer our customers a selection of products branded in the name of Federico Mahora, FM and Aurile, all known across the world and certainly in the same league as many designer brands that carry a much large price tag. 

The idea of creating a very exclusive cosmetic line was born during Artur’s Trawinski (the CEO of the FM GROUP POLAND) annual stay in Australia. 
On his return to Poland he decided to move forward with his idea and explore new avenues that came with it. He was looking for only the most perfect products. It wasn’t long until he got lots of propositions for collaboration projects from many different companies, however, he decided to co-operate with the company he knew well run by his father. His company has been producing women’s perfumes and mens aftershave for 10 years.

The fragrance for the designer perfumes is created by the one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world with well over 100 years in the industry. They use a traditional method which is growing very fast throughout the world. It has its bases in Europe, Australia, United States, China and Brazil

Perfand Company was established by Artur’s father, Andrzej Trawiñski, in 1995. The company initially operated on the Polish market, and then expanded into the rest of Europe. Their products are based on fragrance compositions created by the internationally well known and respected German company DROM Fragrances International KG.

This young and exciting company has behind it a wealth of experience in perfume creation, marketing and direct sales and has in a short amount of time already expanded into more than twenty countries.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about us and we welcome you to join our expanding business as a distributor today! 

FM Perfume and Cosmetics – Save Your Scents.

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Our advantages

The things that make us special within the women’s perfume, mens aftershave and cosmetic industry. We have such a vast knowledge base within our friendly team that creates a superb working environment that we think you’d love to be a part of. We even offer free sweets to all of our business parters on a regular basis, what more could you ask for!


Our range of products grows weekly with exciting new perfumes, candles and reed diffusers.


Technical knowledge of the industry and how to grow sales and revenue with fast delivery!


We even offer personalised perfumes that can customised in ways that have never been tried before! ​

Amazing scents

A truly remarkable range of notes and scents that have kept customers coming back for over 10 years!